Innovation starts with great customer relationships

Our customers know when they have a concern, we’re the people to call. In fact, our Technical Services and Innovation team has built such strong relationships with our customers over the years that we’ve developed all of our products with customer feedback in mind.
Our Technical Services and Innovation team considers itself an industry leader in three business activities: technical support, product development and quality control.

Technical Support

Whether you're a customer looking for a cost-effective solution, a contractor wanting to learn about proper construction techniques or a roadway official needing information about the benefits of our products, we're happy to educate and inform you. Plus, our Technical Services and Innovation team will pick up your phone calls and answer your emails promptly. If we can't troubleshoot your concern over the phone, we’ll travel to you to help.

This open contact isn't just our way of providing great service; it's also a key source of feedback to inform our product development operations. For example, as a customer, if you tell us your emulsified asphalt isn’t bonding layers fast enough, we'll work with our chemical supplier to consider that need.

Product Development

Husky's commitment to asphalt product development and specification product development is to innovate on behalf of our own customers and the entire industry. Since 1995 we have partnered with the University of Calgary's Schulich School of Engineering to fund the Husky Energy Endowed Research Chair in Bituminous Materials. There, chair and professor Dr. Martin Jasso leads a team of civil and chemical engineers, chemists and physicists, and has mentored many Master’s and PhD students who have gone on to hold key positions in the industry. The lab is one of the world's top asphalt research facilities, having patented several new pavement products, asphalt repair techniques and new road testing procedures.

Dr. Jasso, in collaboration with Brett Lambden, P.Eng., Technical Services & Innovation Manager for Husky Asphalt, is currently engaged in new Polymer Modified Asphalt (PMA) research. Their technical paper won the Elaine Thompson Editor's Award for Written Presentation at the 2018 annual conference of the Canadian Technical Asphalt Association (CTAA).

Husky Asphalt lead the development of PMAs in Canada and continues to invest into its future. Why? Because polymer modified asphalt makes better roads. And making better roads makes sense.

Being recognized for primary research into making PMA better keeps Husky Asphalt on the path to helping you build better roads.

Quality Control

Our Technical Services and Innovation team provides quality control for Pounder Emulsions at a laboratory at our office in Saskatoon, where both our companies share space.

We also provide quality control of asphalt, cutbacks and residuals at the laboratories at our Lloydminster refinery. It operates under an ISO (International Organization for Standardization), to ensure safety, reliability and quality. In addition, we test extensively for quality control by sitting on specification development committees for North American and international operations.

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