Leading Supplier of Western Canada’s Road Maintenance Industry.

Husky is the premier supplier of Western Canada’s maintenance industry and specializes in high-performance products, including dust suppressants, road stabilization agents and de-icing chemicals. We also provide expert product selection, material evaluation and product application support to customers as well as value and satisfaction.

Dust Suppressants

Get dust-free gravel roads with our dust suppressants. We provide products, like DL-10 Special, that can be spray-applied, blade-mixed or mixed-in-place.

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Our de-icing products allow for pre-wetting of sand and salt and direct spray application. The liquids have minimal odour and low corrosive rates.

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Asphalt Preservation

Repair and restore pavements with our preservation seals, including CRF® and Reclamite®.

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Soil Stabilization

Our soil stabilization product lets you increase the density of the clays in your roads, saving you time and money.

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Asphalt Recycling

Cyclogen®, our recycling agent, has several uses, such as hot-in-place recycling and cold-in-place recycling.

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Technical Services and Innovation

Our Technical Services and Innovation team has solid relationships with our customers. Your valuable feedback actually informs the development of all our products.

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