Fueling your Business

We provide you with a variety of fuel solutions through our refineries, terminals, bulk plants and cardlock network.

Fleet & Cardlock Fuels

This unique partnership gives customers access to all Husky and Esso cardlock facilities, where drivers can use their HuskyPRO Universal Fuel Card or other authorized cards including Comdata, T-Chek and Esso Key to the Highway at more than 150 sites.

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Cards & Programs

The HuskyPRO Universal Fuel Card is the first fuel program in Canada to offer drivers the convenience of fueling anywhere across the country where Mastercard® is accepted. Consolidate all your fuel – fleet or cardlock, DEF and maintenance purchases on to one card and simplify the way you do business. Take advantage of fraud protection, comprehensive fuel savings, easier expense management and universal card acceptance.

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Delivered Fuels

Husky’s Bulk Plants offer customized arrangements for purchase on account, wholesale terms based on annual volume, and delivery services to your location.

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Mobil Lubricants

Husky is a proud supplier of Mobil Lubricants. Fuels, car engine oils, heavy duty diesel engine oils or industry lubricants, trust Mobil Lubricants to keep your equipment and vehicles running smoothly.

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