Emulsified Asphalts

Husky manufactures over 30 different types of emulsified asphalts. Emulsified asphalts can be used for road construction and maintenance purposes, including dust control, base stabilization, prime and tack, chip seal and seal coat, micro surfacing, spray patching, crack sealing, pavement recycling and rejuvenation.

High Float Emulsions (HF products)

High float emulsions are unique liquid asphalts that, after curing, possess a gel structure. They have a greater resistance to flow and reduced temperature susceptibility.



Rapid Set Emulsions (RS-1 Product)

Husky’s RS-1 product is a rapid-setting anionic emulsified asphalt that is designed to “break” and cure very quickly after being applied. It is made up of a paving grade asphalt dispersed as microscopic droplets in water. RS-1 is primarily a binder in spray patching machines for the repair of potholes, large cracks and other pavement distresses. 



High Float Anionic Medium-Setting Emulsions (HFMS Products)

High float anionic medium-setting (HFMS) emulsions are used when unwashed graded mineral aggregates are used for seal coats. Their anionic medium-setting nature allows wetting of the stones before the emulsion breaks, while the high float property of the cured emulsion residue resists the tendency of the graded aggregate to “pump” the asphalt residue to the surface. 



Slow Set Emulsions (SS-1 Product)

Husky’s SS-1 product is an anionic slow-setting emulsified asphalt with high stability that allows mixing with fine aggregates and dilution with water. It has many uses, such as:

  • Tack coat to eliminate slippage and provide a bond between the existing and new asphalt layer 
  • Fog seal to seal an existing asphalt layer 
  • Prime coat to protect a newly constructed granular base until a wearing surface is applied 
  • Base stabilizer to improve granular base course during construction
  • Slurry seal, a mixture of dense graded aggregate, filers, water, and slow-setting emulsion that prevents and corrects surface treatment   

EAP-2 Emulsified Asphalt Primer

Husky’s EAP-2 is a low-solvent anionic emulsified asphalt specifically designed to be used as a prime coat for granular base courses. 

Prime coats are used to waterproof granular base courses and provide a temporary driving surface. The primer must set up quickly to permit traffic and shed rain. Once it’s cured, it must be hard, durable and dust-free.
Standard solvent-free emulsions, such as SS-1 or MS-1, are not designed to meet all the requirements of a good prime coat. SEP-1 is an excellent prime coat, but it may not address the growing environmental concerns associated with solvent-borne materials. EAP-2, however, attains all the necessary technical performance properties with a primarily water-based product.

Pounder Emulsions

Pounder Emulsions, a division of Husky, is a leader in providing asphalt emulsions. Through active involvement and leadership in industry associations and standards organizations, Pounder Emulsions has been instrumental in the development of specifications and test methods associated with the manufacturing and use of emulsified asphalts. Many of the standard emulsified asphalts in use today were originally conceived and developed by Pounder Emulsions.


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