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With Husky asphalt, you can construct cost-effective, long-lasting and low-maintenance roads that withstand a variety of climatic and traffic conditions. Husky Asphalt produces the softest straight-run grade of asphalt in North America for performance grade or modified asphalts. Husky's asphalt is considered a premium base for blending and manufacturing emulsions, and many industry standards are based on its properties. Additionally, you get a competitively priced product with access to Husky's world-class customer service.

Award-Winning Innovation

Dr. Martin Jasso and Brett Lambden, two of Husky's top-notch researchers, received the Elaine Thompson Editor's Award for Written Presentation at the 2018 annual conference of the Canadian Technical Asphalt Association (CTAA). Their research focused on how the new generation of crosslinkers will lead to new types of polymer modified asphalt (PMA) binders.

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Scholarship Announcement

Husky Asphalt would like to recognize and congratulate our Technical Services and Innovation Co-op Student, Mackenzie Steffen, on being selected by the Association of Modified Asphalt Producers (AMAP) for the Dr. David R. Jones IV scholarship award. The $2000 scholarship is intended to assist students pursuing education in fields related to asphalt modification and will be presented at the AMAP 21st Annual Conference & Workshop in Palm Springs, California on February 12, 2020.

Mackenzie, who has worked with our Technical Services and Innovation team in Saskatoon every summer since 2017, is currently pursuing her Civil Engineering degree at the University of Saskatchewan. Mackenzie plans to pursue a career within the asphalt industry and hopes to participate in the Husky Engineer-in-Training program after she completes her studies.

From everyone here at Husky Asphalt: Congratulations, Mackenzie!

Market Leaders

In a first-to-market trial in Canada, Husky Asphalt partnered with several industry players to conduct a soft micro-surfacing emulsion project for the Saskatchewan Ministry of Highways and Infrastructure. This trial project, using Husky's softer asphalt, significantly improved the low temperature performance of the micro-surfacing emulsion, making it more suited for the extremes of the Canadian climate.

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U.S. certification of Husky asphalt lab paves road for further market diversification

U.S. Certification of Saskatoon Asphalt Lab underscores our reputation as a leader in asphalt product development and production.

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In-depth Innovation

Through our research and development we work with you to identify the product that meets your needs. These include our extensive internal research and primary sponsorship of the Bituminous Materials Chair, a leading asphalt research facility at the University of Calgary.

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""Our relationship with industry, public research agencies and the University of Calgary help Husky to achieve the highest levels of innovation.""

Market Segments

Husky's extensive network of terminals located in Western Canada and Washington state provides customers with high-quality Husky asphalt cement and emulsion products. Our strategic relationships with rail providers allow us to access asphalt cement markets in Eastern Canada and the U.S.

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Our dedicated asphalt refinery in Lloydminster, Alberta is strategically connected to two major railroads and has truck loading capabilities, ensuring the on-time delivery of highest-quality products to you.

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