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Husky produces high-quality asphalt with unique properties that makes it the best asphalt for your paving needs. Our products include any pen grade, performance grade, or modified (polymer modified and oxidized) product you need. From in-the-ground to on-the-ground, Husky ensures that you receive the highest quality asphalt. The quality starts with our unique crude oil single-sourced from our Lloydminster heavy oil field, through to our built-for-purpose ISO-certified asphalt refinery, and ends with delivery via our strategic terminal network and rail fleet.

Performance Grade (PG)

Husky manufactures all performance graded asphalt products to meet the growing demands of the paving industry. Husky’s technical staff is actively involved in the development of related specifications and test methods. This includes our straight-run asphalt, modified asphalts and our proprietary Black Max™ product line.


Black Max™ - Polymer Modified Asphalt Cements

Want longer-lasting pavements that decrease maintenance costs and increase safety? Pave your roads with our family of Black Max™ products. We developed these polymer-modified asphalts with much-improved engineering properties to address our clients’ need for improved asphalt pavements.

Paving Grade 1

Bridge Mastic

Heavy Traffic

Intersection Plus

Cold Climate

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