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Over 80 years and million of miles

In our time, we’ve covered a lot of ground, paving some 12.7 million miles of asphalt roadway all across North America. We’ve also spent a lot of time thinking about asphalt. How to improve it, make it last longer, perform better, in all manner of conditions. It’s the road we’ve been on from the beginning and we will stay on it now and into the future.


Paving the way

Glenn E. Nielson started this business with a single leased oilfiled and the reopening of the shuttered Park Refinery in Cody, Wyoming in 1938. By 1952 Nielson had built the Husky Oil Company, with production in seven states and Canada, and refineries producing gasoline and the versatile paving material, asphalt. To this day, Mr. Nielson’s relentless drive and innovative thinking sets the tone for how we approach every aspect of asphalt research, production and delivery.

From the ground up

Every paving project presents its challenges, but Husky Asphalt's holistic approach ensures we always overcome them. It starts with sourcing top-grade heavy crude oil that produces the softest straight-run grade of asphalt in North America. This is processed at our specialized refining facilities into different asphalt products, some with additives to enhance and modify their performance characteristics. We follow through with on-time delivery via our efficient transportation network. It all adds up to pavement that stands the test of time.

Asphalt first

Husky’s commitment to quality asphalt production ensures a steady and reliable supply to every project. "Asphalt First" is a unique driver for Husky, starting with our crude molecules, through our refineries, into our terminals, through QA testing at our labs, and ultimately to the job site via our efficient transportation network.

Innovation drives us

Husky is committed to the ongoing innovation of asphalt. Our scientists ensure you get the highest-quality asphalt for your paving projects:

  • dedicated bituminous research chair at the 
University of Calgary
  • dedicated Technical Services & Innovation 
  • ISO-certified refining
  • AASHTO-certified lab

Meet our “A” team

We call them the Asphalt Team: Husky’s researchers, quality control specialists,  sales and technical support staff. They are always here for you, ready to:

•  recommend or customize an asphalt binder for your paving project
•  help solve site-specific challenges
•  provide long-term support, after the job is done

You get top-quality products and an A-team consultative approach to help you build better roads.

An asphalt solution for every problem

A leader in developing products for the most challenging site conditions, our expertise is widely recognized by the industry and associated organizations.

Along with standard asphalt cements and emulsified asphalts, Husky is at the forefront of industry trends with its suite of proprietary asphalt products:

Black Max™ PMA
RAP Max™ Recycled Asphalt
Tack Max™ Tack Coat Emulsion

We’ve got you covered

No matter where in North America your project is located, Husky is there when you need us, with great service, in-depth knowledge and industry-leading asphalt products and solutions.

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