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With 75 years of proven success, Husky continues to develop strong business relationships with a focus on delivering its core products within the drilling and fracing industry. Husky also focuses on growth by expanding into new market segments including mining, refinery feed stocks and the bunker fuel market by providing high-value product streams.

Drilling and Completion Products

Husky Energy is one of the largest producers in Western Canada.

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Far and Wide

For over 75 years, Husky has built a robust network to reliably connect customers with industrial and commercial products.

Husky has the support you need for any commercial and industrial project. Whether you require drilling fluid base oils, completion products, or technical services and innovation, Husky delivers with history and experience.


Completion Products

Husky Energy is one of the largest base oil producers in Western Canada; we are devoted to manufacturing high quality and reliable base and frac oils used in both invert blending and well site completions.

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Mining Applications

Husky offers a number of mining solutions ranging from well bore roof controls to flotation oils.

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Refinery Feed Stocks

Husky produces consistent, dependable, and sought-after feedstock streams that create value in the refining production value chain. Our products help improve refinery economics by providing underutilized refining units with capacity to aid in the increased production of both gasoline and diesel yields.

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Heavy Fuel Oil and Bunker Fuels

Specialized end product from the crude oil stream used to blend into marine bunker fuels.

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Technical Services and Innovation

Our Technical Services and Innovation team develops and maintains strong relationships with our customers. We welcome your feedback and use it to inform the continued development of all our products.

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