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With Husky asphalt, you can construct cost-effective, long-lasting and low-maintenance roads that withstand a variety of climatic and traffic conditions. Husky asphalt is known throughout the industry for delivering performance grade and modified asphalts. Considered a premium base for blending and manufacturing emulsions, many industry standards are based on its properties. Additionally, you get a competitively priced product with access to Husky's world-class customer service.

Husky Asphalt Acquisition

Husky has purchased a refinery in Superior, Wisconsin and officially took over operation of the facility on Nov. 8, 2017. This acquisition allows for expansion into new markets and growth of Husky’s asphalt business to better serve customers.

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Far and Wide

Over its 75 years, Husky has built a robust network to reliably match customers with industrial and commercial products.

Primarily used for road paving and building products, Husky's high-quality asphalt — produced in our specialized asphalt refinery in Lloydminster, AB —  is sold to customers across North America, with performance-grade products shipped to destinations from coast to coast. 

Husky operates seven emulsion production facilities strategically located in Western Canada and one emulsion production facility in Washington.

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In-depth Innovation

Through our research and development we work with you to identify the product that meets your needs. These include our extensive internal research and primary sponsorship of the Bituminous Materials Chair, a leading asphalt research facility at the University of Calgary.

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""Our relationship with industry, public research agencies and the University of Calgary help Husky to achieve the highest levels of innovation.""

Market Segments

Husky's extensive network of terminals located in Western Canada and Washington state provides customers with high-quality Husky asphalt cement and emulsion products. Our strategic relationships with rail providers allow us to access asphalt cement markets in Eastern Canada and the U.S.

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Our dedicated asphalt refinery in Lloydminster, Alberta is strategically connected to two major railroads and has truck loading capabilities, ensuring the on-time delivery of highest-quality products to you.

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